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Complete and professional services

Axiotime Business Translations is your trusted provider of professional translation & localization services, no matter the size or nature of your translation project. Our team seeks excellence and is dedicated to the specifics and complexity of each project, so that your company can benefit from turnkey translation solutions.

Certified translations

We employ only certified translators, authorized by the Ministry of Justice, with experience in various translation fields. In order to complete your translation project we will select those translators that are specialized in the field of your project, thus ensuring a high level of quality from the very beginning.

Legalized translations

The legalized translation is the certification of authenticity of the certified translator’s signature by a Romanian notary public, thus confirming that the translator is on the list of translators certified by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. We offer a complete package of services: certified translations, revision, public notary legalization.

Revision & Localization

Do you have an already translated text but you want to make sure everything fits? Or maybe you want your text adapted to the technical, cultural or language specifics of a market? Entrust us with your order and we will make sure that your translation is ready to use.

DTP & Formatting

We translate your documents, preserving the original pagination and formatting. Our translators only modify the written text, keeping or recreating all images, schemes, symbols and other types of formatting and creating tables, figures or graphs.

Price estimation

Request a fast price quotation, free of charge – fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible with the price offer and delivery date. Alternatively, you can drop an e-mail at info [@]!

About Us

Axiotime Business Translations is the corporate division of Axiotime Srl, a translation agency founded in 2004 in Constanta, Romania. Our goal is making sure your company benefits from translation services at the highest level of quality. You can find us in Constanta, Romania, but we deliver professional translation services all over the world!

Over 10 years by your side

Back in 2004 we founded the translation agency Axiotime in order to offer certified translations in and from every language. Over the years, by always preserving the high level of devotion and professionalism and by always delivering high quality translations, our clients have rewarded us with trust and loyalty. In the meantime, we have developed our network of specialized translators in order to satisfy the needs of our clients for any type of translation.

Today, Axiotime Business Translations is our specialized division for corporate translations, mainly addressing companies and institutions. Regardless of the type, dimension or industry of your company, we provide quality translations, never missing a deadline. Our portfolio includes both big and small companie, from different sectors: banking, finance, IT, legal, medical, pharma, industry, electrical and marketing.

Our experience, your advantage

Axiotime Business Translations is your trusted provider of turnkey solutions for professional translations, localization, certified & legalized translations, revision, DTP & formatting. Over the years, we’ve completed countless projects of different dimensions and language pairs. We’ve put together teams of certified translators for various language pairs and with expertise in different fields of translation, in order to ensure the successful completion of all translation projects of our clients; we’ve worked hard to comply with tight deadlines set by our clients; and last but not least, we’ve always delivered high quality translation solutions.

What we’ve learned in all this time is that each and every translation project is different, and our team is devoted to the specifics and complexity of each and every translation project, adapting to the needs of our clients. Thus, our clients are always satisfied, our goal being to exceed their expectations.

Work only with the best

Axiotime Business Translations is your professional translations team! Regardless of the language pair or the field of translation, whether you need your translation to be certified or legalized, adapted or revised, we will analyze the specifics of your translation project and will put together a team of professional translators, fit for the complexity of your project and dedicated to comply with your terms, be it a specific terminology or a tight deadline.

Chose Axiotime Business Translations and rest assured, our translators will provide the best quality translation, our revisors will approve the translation in order to make sure that the terminology used is fit to the specifics of the field and the project manager designated to you will make sure that all goes according to plan, being in touch with you at all times.

With an extensive experience on the market, our team of carefully selected professionals delivers fast, high quality and competitively priced translation solutions.

Why Us

We know that the main reason you rely on a translation agency is the level of expected quality and expediency. This is why we believe that the professional service we provide to you is the most important reason for which you should rely on us, and our way of working based on trust, expediency and competitiveness is the reason you will be pleased to require our services again in the future.


Your project is our priority – translations that leave our office are of the best quality and are made by qualified translators, specialized in the field of your project. Our training and acquired experience allow us to satisfy the needs of the most prestigious clients, providing turnkey translation solutions so that you may enjoy a worry-free experience.


We know that you need high quality translations, but we also know that in some cases, they need to be ready quickly. Send us the documents in electronic format and tell us when you need the translation – our team will shortly contact you with a price offer. The project manager designated to your project will keep you updated regarding the progress of the translation.


With us you always have the guarantee that you benefit from high quality and competitively priced translations. We carefully analyze your order and establish the price based on three criteria: source and target language, field of translation and delivery time. The price may vary based on the type of translation, with possible preferential tariffs for loyal customers.

We translate from all languages, in all translation fields. Whether you need a translation for your manuals, technical documentation, balance sheets, commercial agreements, certificates, powers of attorney, invoices etc, with Axiotime Business Translations you can rest assured knowing that your translation is in good hands! The fields of translation in which we have the most experience are: legal, economical, financial, banking, public administration, technical, medical, IT&C and marketing, but we are always open to new challenges!


Because we know a healthy business relationship is built on trust, here are some of the companies recently satisfied by our translation services:


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